Hello Earth citizens,

This is for you, your family and friends, as we are growing and developing in this world we become more and more concerned about the action was taken by governments to create a meaningful impact on earth status. We explored whom we can harness to our cause which will benefit and also will have the power to move things forward, with a quick search we found that all the private sector – corporates and big organizations have social responsibility budget, so with your help we are trying to create an ecosystem which will help them help us.

For Them is an Online-platform that provides YOU with the opportunity to benefit from corporates social responsibility programs. This by showcasing their green efforts to you, we will try to take those big organizations and paint them with color that all of us can understand, relate and eventually see as an impact.

Everything that we do at For Them is an extension of our vision- to promote environmental initiatives through innovative-collaboration between corporations, environmental NGOs and projects by the power of you, who read this behind the keyboard, unleash the public power back to planet earth, for us, and For Them :


The next generations...

ForThem also serves as a gatekeeper, assessing and validating every initiative and organization that wishes to be a part of this Green Eco-system, making sure that corporates CSR put in the right hands and into good use

We believe that true change can only come if all sides benefit. And so, we created this circle of collaboration: we invite corporations to fund environmental initiatives and to engage the public by offering it a simple yet effective means of promoting their favorite cause.

This ‘small’ action of asking for your opinion; what environmental projects you want to see happen - will motivate corporates to further help and with time improve their reputation and boosting their brand-image online and internal organizational culture.

Such a form of collaboration will lead us to a new social era that holds more meaningful and loyal relationships between corporations and consumers. Now, isn’t that vision worth pursuing?